1. Site analysis

On a street corner in jianyang city, sichuan province, we sent a return to the forest ideal for the people who live there.The project is located in the east of the jianyang tuojiang river and the west of the trieshan park in sichuan, with high-quality natural landscape resources.The project’s buildings appear to rise from the horizon as two overlapping mountains.

2. Design concept

Have a bird’s eye view of the whole site, the entry to the building height of 3.6 meters, the height difference is obliged to accept the established exists, we can use the original terrain and unique space model, designed a unique valley floor space route is given priority to with line, make the person produces space, by natural light, brings a New Shanshui of light and decoration simple living.

3. The landscape building boundary disappears

The entrance processing is a difficult point in the design, which needs to deal with the descending height difference and consider the entrance display.The design echoes the building with the floating panels in the form of landscape, forming the “Yin ‘ao” two mountains in the eight landscapes of jianyang. We used a forest of metasequoia trees to cover the building, making the site full of power like a valley waterfall in the sound of trickling water. The soft three-dimensional lawn above the building blurs the boundary between the landscape and the building, making people feel close to each other. The corridor adopts hollow design to allow the metasequoia to grow freely. At the same time, through the processing technique of the upper and lower two floors, people have the illusion of being in a real canyon situation.

4. Life is a landscape

When people walk on and off the platform of “canyon”, they can have two distinct viewing experiences, which can generate rich interaction with the space.The creation of three-dimensional landscape space enriches the site function and experience changes, which is not only the way for the residents to return home, but also the place to experience life and nature.We created a space that provides different perspectives, creates visual connections and interactions in the space, makes the landscape interesting, and makes life itself a landscape.

Name of the project: Yunyuemingdi, Jianyang
Project category: Residential housing park
Role of the entrant in the project: Hu Sun, Zheng Li, Cuncao Liang – Chief designer
Other designers involved in the design of landscape: Qingqing Liao, Xiaoquan Yuan, Jie Zhou, Daoping Yang, Jiaxin Wang, Linyuan Mei
Project location: Jianyang city, Sichuan province, China
Design year: 2019
Year Built: 2019


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