Altach’s New Station | Harmonizing Nature and Infrastructure by +

2024 Public Projects / Austria / Built in 2023 /

In the development of Altach’s new station, the municipality dedicated itself to a holistic architectural approach, prioritizing the preservation and enhancement of its surrounding open spaces. Embracing the existing arboreal heritage, the project integrated mature trees within the station’s surroundings, fostering a seamless blend of nature and contemporary infrastructure.

A careful selection of materials, plants and furnishings in keeping with the location and its landscape was important. For example, Jurassic limestone chippings were used around the existing trees, and cream-colored asphalt was used in the traffic areas, blending functionality and visuality.

In choosing plants, the design honored the regional landscape, incorporating native species like oaks, birches, moor grasses and sedges that reflect the Rhine Valley reed landscape. Attention was paid to preserving existing trees, and the grasses were selected deliberately to create a dynamic, tranquil and natural environment. The selection of plants was based on the aspect of closeness to nature, and the range of native species was supplemented by species with special aesthetic or seasonal aspects. The moving leaf texture of the grasses and their dynamic aspects in the wind reference the movement of the trains.

Clusters of Cornus bushes, featuring black, red, and yellow dogwoods, mark the transition from the parking lot to the main road referencing the wild species in the reed in bright colors especially in winter and spring. On the north-western edge of the station, Himalayan birches create a peaceful atmosphere referencing the wild species in the reed, while vigorous English oaks characterize the landscape.

Away from the tracks, a large flower meadow on gravel and sand offers a peaceful break from the urban hustle. Covering 1,700 square meters, it showcases Altach’s dedication to creating timeless, beautiful, and vibrant communal spaces that harmonize with nature.


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