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2022 Residential / Malaysia / Built in 2022 /

Vertu Resort, a high-rise residential condominium with 2000 dwelling units is located strategically at the entry point of the Penang Second Bridge; the site a former oil palm plantation near the coast with an inherent lack of ecological and community value. The Aspen Vision City masterplan value-adds the site with community, connectivity, environmental sensitivity and economic value.

Vertu Resort defines Batu Kawan, Penang’s skyline. Inspired by the hills of Penang, the clean, sloping lines of Vertu Resort’s silhouette visually project the undulating hills on the horizon beyond. This bold new ‘landform’ icon is home to a niche community, and as a pioneer residential development it heralds the beginning of lifestyle transformations and paves the way for other landmark designs within the 99 hectares Aspen Vision City (AVC).

Liveable City Model

AVC is based on the Livable City model where the ideas of Place-Making, Connectivity, Alternative Mobility, Environmental Sensitivity and Economic Considerations are applied. Envisioned, designed and built as a self-sustaining development, Vertu Resort is Green Building Index (GBI) Silver Certified and is located within walking distance from the iconic 10 hectares Central Island Park. A lush landscape was introduced and interspersed with communal living facilities to promote a wellness lifestyle for the residents.

Green Continuum

The ‘hill village’ inspired architectural form is strong, iconic and angular. Using vegetation sourced locally, the landscape contrasts and softens the angularity of the building towers, with creation of micro habitats and envelopes the multi-storey carpark with green edges.


The landscape amplifies the resort theme from the moment of entry, through the use of hardscape material selection, water pools, feature walls and planting palette. The availability of bike paths and stations also provide residents an alternative form of sustainable transport. Residents can enjoy the great streets and complete neighbourhoods, where walking and bicycling are the best choices of mobility.

Resort facilities for wellness

Innovative landscape amenities at this sky landscape deck offers modern resort living – a 100m Infinity Lap Pool with luminous mosaics, a 50m Lap Pool, a wellness zone with aerobic & yoga studios, outdoor yoga deck, gym, aqua gym, fitness stations and a hydrotherapy bubble pool.

The simple and strong visual axis is strengthened by the 150m length of pools, with pathways diagonally crossing the pool and colourful outdoor play furniture creating points of interest. The landscape deck is designed with clear, simple lines and a strong axis. Zones are planned according to various user groups – quiet programs are consolidated in the tranquil zone, while the bustling children’s play zone is situated away from the garden units.

Each tower features a collection of terraces with various themes such as entertainment, chill out, and wellness, providing residents a rich variety of experiences.


Interpretive playscape for children of different age groups and designed with universal safety specifications and soft material surfaces.


Outdoor spaces with a play on materiality offer interesting textural visuality; a combination of materials is used – stones, timber, mosaic tiles, gravels and plants with various textures and forms, creating a rich textural play complementing the clean angular lines of the architecture.

The hardscape selection is designed to be simple and easy to maintain, and acts as a reference to the angularity of the building form. Grey crazy-cut stone paving evokes the texture of natural rocks and forms in the hill forest landscape concept. Glow-in-the-dark mosaics are installed for the pool area, to add ambience to evening pool side parties and swimming sessions.

Edible landscape for the community

urban farms and herb gardens produce greens and offer residents a place for bonding and therapy.


Vertical green columns of shade loving plants, bromeliads and ferns complement the spiral staircase linking the landscape deck and the link bridge. The textural variety and showy colors of planting can be enjoyed as one walks along the link bridge and descends from the spiral staircase. Landscape planting is designed to be simple and easy to maintain, in line with the modern hill forest resort planting theme and the objective of sustainability.

Project location

Lebuhraya Bandar Cassia, Batu Kawan, Penang, Malaysia

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