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2022 Other / Singapore / Built in 2020 /

The HomeTeamNS Clubhouse is located in the suburbs with a dense mature public housing and the site has degeneration of vegetation yet close to habitats of rich vegetation diversity.

WELLBEING – HomeTeamNS Clubhouse is a 5-Storey family-friendly clubhouse for Singapore Police (SPF) & Civil Defence Forces (SCDF), promoting Wellness lifestyle through recreational and sporting activities.

CONNECTING WITH NATURE – The Clubhouse is surrounded by a public housing estate ‘neighbourhood N8’ and the Parks, with Yishun Park a former rubber tree plantation and Lower Seletar Reservoir Park. Extending the surrounding green into the site, lush vegetation is introduced to the Clubhouse giving the atmosphere of an “Urban Retreat” – an oasis of calm for relaxation and rejuvenation. The introduced green connectivity is supported by close proximity to natural surroundings, allowing experiences of natural sights and sounds, proven to increase daily wellness. Through biophilic and wellness design, these sensory experiences with the landscaping features contributes towards mental health, coupled with therapeutic experiences and lowers stress levels for the members.

PLACE MAKING – a welcoming experience begins at street level with the introduction of tropical jungle undergrowth of ferns & shrubs in the unique microclimate conditions under the MRT viaducts. Well-integrated verandahs with trailing Phyllanthus cochinchinensis as green edges are present at almost every level, counterpoint the articulated architectural façades.

POOL FOR COMMUNITY – A 50m lap pool, makes a bold surprising statement, with its stunning vivid orange -blue gradating tiles, echoing the HomeTeam’s corporate colours, whilst reflecting the borrowed greenery of the adjacent public park and the greened facades of the architecture. The expansive poolside deck can transform into a variety of function spaces. At the end of lap pool, the spa pool with its ‘bird cage’ pavilion is revealed, providing a sense of privacy and enclosure amidst the greenery. The Kids’ pool is located at the other end of the lap pool with an event lawn and multi-use pavilion for larger crowds.
Terraced gardens are designed as communal space with scented native species, plus their colours and textures to enhance the user experience. Entertainment pods and BBQ Pavilions are located on 5th storey roof-top garden, where members can enjoy the views to adjacent neighbourhood park and the poolside activities below.

SUSTAINABLE – Primarily to cool down the ambient temperature of the building and reduce energy consumption, the 600m2 soil-less green roof is installed at the topmost level. This greening contributes to reducing the urban heat island effect, while offering a delightful green setting for nearby residences and encouraging habitat creation and attracting biodiversity from the surrounding environs. The typically heavy water usage for irrigation to upkeep a lush landscape is optimised through the use implementation of rainwater harvesting, and the automated irrigation with rainfall monitoring system, coupled with a careful curation of drought-resistant ornamental species.

HABITAT CREATION – The overall softscape design strategy is inspired by natural habitats where one can discover myriad species, thematically curated to evoke the senses via colours, textures and fragrances. The different habitat-creation and bio-diversity attracting designs are assigned at each landscaped area following spatial and micro-climatic conditions. From the Fern Forest at the shaded strips under the MRT viaducts and landscaped corridor with the fragrant sensory garden to the arid garden with pre-dominant, drought-tolerant species like Sansevieria spp, Beaucarnea spp, Furcrae spp at the roof-top gardens.

Project location: Yishun, Singapore

Design year: 2017

Year Built: 2020


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