Shortlisted in Residential Housing 2022:

Asphalt Jungle by

2022 Residential / France / Built in 2021 /

Dewatering and fertilization by in situ artificial soils recycling : this is the Asphalt jungle concept key aim.

Thanks to FAIRE project accelerator, garden takes place in Elogie-Siemp (social landlord) mineral courtyard, on 11th Paris district. 

The easy tech way of doing may be resume in cutting asphalt, de-compacting sub-layers, putting organic materials and planting without exporting any material. Fertile substrate is generated by mixing compacted and sandy existing soil with organics material to creat a “neo-soil” (also called “technosol”) composed by different recreated horizons able to care poor soil plants. The plant selection is a mix of ornamental, regional and pioneers plants.

This experiment illustrates fertilizing strategy on urban soils which may adapt to different contexts for impervious soil reversibility.

A project produced by FAIRE, accelerator of innovative urban projects launched by Arsenal pavilion innovative with Paris City Councill

Project location :

12 rue Carrière-Mainguet

75 011 Paris – France

Design year : 2021

Year Built : 2021


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