Bless Hotel by

2023 Hospitality / Spain / Built in 2019 /

The landscape architecture project for the Bless Hotel in Ibiza seeks above all to enhance the privileged location of its surroundings in Cala Nova. The main objective was to design a space that would allow the hotel’s leisure programme to be developed while preserving the fabulous views of the site.
Water and topography play a fundamental role in the design. The entire space is shaped by overflowing sheets of water located on terraces, which go down as we approach the sea, providing a visual sensation of continuity with the landscape.

These terraces allow for the integration of different living areas and maximize the views, creating different atmospheres and providing rhythm and interest throughout the hotel’s outdoor space.
The design and the material choice for the built elements are homogenous while the planting presents variety in order to create different spaces that feel connected. Thus, all the paving, walls and water features are built from white granite stone, while the choice of plant material seeks to give each space a totally different character generating diverse spaces within the hotel according to planting typology: Exotic, exuberant, aquatic, wild or paradisiacal.

Architecture offices involved in the design: Mixis
Location: Cala Nova, Santa Eulalia del rio, Ibiza, Spain
Design year: 2017
Year Completed: 2019
Area 8.000 m2
Phases Preliminary study | Detailed design | Construction site supervision


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