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The project is located in suburban Guangzhou, adjacent to a viaduct. Initially designed to function as a residential sales center, the project will be retained long term as part of the future-planned main commercial street. Surrounded mainly by suburban dwellings in a poor socio-economic neighborhood, the project injects much needed high-quality public domains and recreation facilities for the local community.


The design draws inspiration from astrology. Situated on the Tropic of Cancer, Zengcheng has a prime view of the twelve constellations all year round; among which the brightest is the Sirius star. The project features a “star map” which combines mythology, education and fun into a public domain. An “Avenue of Stars” leads visitors into the sales center, complimented by creative play zones with integrated theater and outdoor education. A skateboard park is situated at the intersection of two urban roads, designed in the pattern of a meteor crater. This combination of activities and new amenities has transformed a disused site into a new neighborhood landmark.

Planting design consists of ornamental grass and local hackberries amongst generous grassy slopes. Rows of new trees are planted along the road to create a noise and visual buffer to the viaduct.

The development has proven to be a popular gathering space and a soon-to-be valuable public asset.

Avenue of Stars
The design consists of a 50-meter long entry path featuring twelve constellations set amongst a landscape mirror pond water feature.

Star Theater
Observed from Zengzheng City, the brightest star is the Sirius and is symbolized in the project as the main white circular function space — the Star Theater. Nine planets are imbedded in the round wall and react to touch with sounds and vocal educational descriptions of the solar system. The changes of the moon are represented on the floor, with the moon lighting up if stepped on. The rear of the theater contains an observation platform. Here floor lamps range in different sizes, resembling a meteor shower.

Star Park
In the star park, activities are designed with the theme of ‘space adventures’. Here, children are able to take part in climbing, swing, and balance activities. A large mural of the universe contains colorful ‘planet’ trampolines, including a golden sun climbing wall, a Jupiter long jump halo, and interspersed constellations for hopscotch. The Star Park promotes a dialogue of adventure, exploration, and play for children of all ages.

Skate Park
A crater-inspired skate park mainly caters for younger children, with reduced ramp sizes and edges to improve safety.

Project location: No. 475, Zengcheng Avenue, Zengcheng District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China
Design year:2018
Year Built: 2019


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