Chengdu ring ecological park is located in Central City Ring Expressway within 500 meters on both sides and 7 wedge-shaped plots. The park plans to build a “5421 system”, of which “5” is a 500km greenway; “4” is the level 4 supporting service system, and the primary supporting service is the characteristic town; the secondary supporting service is the characteristic Park, the tertiary supporting service is the Linpan courtyard, and the quaternary supporting service is the service post station. “2” refers to 20 square kilometers of diverse water bodies; “1” is a 100 square kilometer ecological landscape agricultural area.

By creating a new landscape with multiple functions such as material production and urban environmental beautification, under good guidance and organization, Chengdu ring ecological park can not only meet the pursuit of rural life of urban people, but also realize the multi-level utilization of urban land, so as to achieve a win-win situation of environmental protection and material production.
Chengdu ring ecological park is divided into three areas (east area, west area and south area). Among them, the planning area of the east area of the ring ecological park led by Chengdu Design Consulting Group • Chengdu Architectural Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd. is about 61.87 square kilometers, and the landscape ecological land area is 42.2 square kilometers. The planning scope starts from the interchange between The Ring Expressway and Chengpeng Expressway in the north and reaches the interchange between the Ring Expressway and Chengluo Avenue in the south. Taking the Ring Expressway as the axis, the ring Expressway passes Xindu District, Jinniu District, Chenghua District and Longquanyi District from north to south.

Taking the whole ring “5421 system” as the upper planning, the east area of the ring ecological park covers 48km of primary greenways and 80km of secondary greenways. Among them, around the whole ring of the primary greenway east area, 25 characteristic bridges have been built, including Cheng’an-yu bridge, Beixing Avenue bridge, Jinfurong bridge, Chengnan expressway bridge, Dongfeng beiganqu bridge, Sichuan Shaanxi Road Bridge and Taicong road bridge. These Landscape Bridges with “online hotspot” potential have built beautiful scenery in Chengdu. The primary supporting service system composed of three Characteristic Towns: Jinmen Town, immigrant culture town and panda town (not within the scope of project design); the secondary supporting service system consisting of 10 characteristic gardens, including Lintian business shop garden, bird paradise, Yiye Zen forest garden, Taofeng wine garden, Shudao thoroughfare garden, shared farm, Cheng du Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, Huarui Jinxin garden, Qianzhu garden and Qitianyouju garden; Among them, the expansion area of Cheng du Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, Shudao thoroughfare Park, Yiye Zen Forest Park and shared farm are represented:

Giant Panda Breeding Base Extension Area: A shining pearl in Chengdu

The expansion area of the panda breeding base is 1.69 km2. After the opening, the total area of the panda base will reach 3,570 mu. The base skillfully integrates natural mountain scenery and artificial landscape, it takes full advantage of using the original topography and landforms, and using the existing water system and gully to form a multi-level landscape belt of mountain valleys; large bamboo forests, grasslands, trees and shrubs, etc. It shows respect for the native living environment of giant pandas and the natural background. And it creates an ecological environment that is “friendly and prioritized by pandas”. At the same time, it also brings tourists an immersive sensory experience.

Shudao Thoroughfare Park: “one point, four roads and eight scenes” reappearance of the scene of Shu Road

Shudao Tongqu Park is located on the east side of Beixing Avenue in the ring city, with a total land area of about 335,000 square meters. The park is a characteristic park with the theme of Shu Dao and Shu medicine, including the cultural experience landscape area of Shu Dao, cultural experience of Shu medicine, pharmacological exercise, medicated bath and other cultural formats. The space form of the park advocates the combination of architecture and outdoor landscape to create different spatial experiences.

Yiye Zen Forest Garden: Zen life, humanistic pure land

The park is located in Tianhui Town Street, Jinniu District, on the inner side of the Ring Expressway overpass, with a total area of about 325,500 square meters. The west side of the site is close to jinhua Temple, with strong cultural and historical deposits. Taking “One Leaf Meditation, Seeking the Zen Garden” as the design orientation, a meditation theme space for meditation, nourishment and wisdom is created. By combining the original texture of the site, it emphasizes the Zen interpretation and thematic connection of the space, and expresses the Zen meditation idea of “a single thought arises, and all thoughts follow”. The central building “The Garden of Words and Leaves” is the origin of the Zen mind of the park. The design abstracts the lotus leaf and turns it into the design form of the building. In the summer season, the form of water droplets falling on the lotus leaf is interpreted in the building. In the space design, create a space atmosphere with Zen and romantic atmosphere.

Shared Farm: innovative application of urban agricultural landscape

We have fully created a “farm +” experience scene, designed three theme scenes of “Farm + Business, Farm + School and Farm + Paradise”, and formed a characteristic agricultural landscape with mutual penetration and integration of landscape scenes and consumption scenes.

The main creative team designed three themed scenes of “Farm + Business, Farm + School, Farm + Paradise”. “Farm + business” mainly adopts the model of front store and back field, aiming at white-collar consumers, with Youle Farm, Cuitian Restaurant, and Pastoral Book Bar as the main business formats, and strives to create a pastoral consumption scene with literary style, high-end sense and life spirit. “Farm + School” mainly through cooperation with surrounding schools, focusing on farming experience and farming culture display, provides a study base for students to experience the countryside. “Farm + Paradise” provides a pastoral play base for parents and children through the theme of non-power park, the use of old things in the park, and the transformation of the paddy field watcher landscape tower.

A three-level service system composed of 43 forest yards; Linpan are all over Pingba, Sichuan Province. They are the product of gravity irrigation agricultural production mode, and also a natural residential form driven by agricultural production, living conditions and social consciousness in Western Sichuan. The formation and evolution of the forest disk have very unique and typical characteristics of Shu land. This structure is almost unique even in a country with a vast history of agricultural civilization, such as China.

The Linpan courtyards in the east area of the Ring Ecological Park – Fenglinxuan, Yilin teahouse, Yanshan Museum, Hong Art Museum, Fangdian, Wuyou courtyard and many other Linpan courtyards, make use of the surrounding transportation, industry, natural and other resources to form a centralized supporting area and improve the overall land value of supporting facilities in the area. In the design, relying on the Merchant culture and pastoral culture of the South Silk Road, and taking advantage of the Linpan pattern in Western Sichuan, Combine modern technology and ideas to create a new industrial space with old pattern, new space, old artistic conception and new life.


Green is a kind of soft power, which has crucial value and significance for overtaking in the competition between cities; to a certain extent, it is the “green core” of each city that achieves the integrity of an international metropolis; The “green ring” of Chengdu, which is strung with beads, is giving the world a unique example of Chengdu’s park city construction. Chengdu Design Consulting Group’s mission and responsibility for the park city determines that it will not hesitate to contribute “industry wisdom” and provide “unique” Chengdu design “explosive power”, one after another “ecological business card” is being show to the world Chengdu’s firm belief in building a beautiful and livable park city.

Project location: Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China

Design year:2017

Year Built:2021

Team workers: Xin He, Min Liu, Mingzhe Wang, Lei Wang, Lei Yang, Xuefeng Lei, Shuyang Xu, Hongwei Xu, Hechuan Li, Yulun Fu, Lei Shi, Bo Yan, Jinchuan Wu, Li Zhang, Yashu Zhao


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