Elio Del Moss is an 8-storey condominium in mid-range market with 7 towers 1,522 units on site area 21,792 sqm. Locate in Northeast Bangkok.
From the constraint of the deep narrow site, the landscape area is limited in sunlight and narrow. After placed internal road and buildings, the main landscape area has to locate at ground floor enclosed with high buildings all 4 sides. The area is only 12-16 meters width. Full sunlight can access only at noon. The rest of the day this area would be under building shade. Therefore, it causes limitation of plant selection as a design challenge and also keep in mind about the limited budget of this economy residential project.
Inspired by the main target audience of this project which is Kasetsart University students. By bringing the spirit of social service from the key faculty of this university, the Faculty of Forestry. Which deeply connects with nature. The landscape architect comes up with idea of the story of tropical rainforest which could be related to planting strategy according to site conditions given. Design to serve nowadays lifestyle. Marry two things turn into the “Urban Forest” concept. The buildings enclose the garden like mountains and wetlands, forming streams and then rivers for people and creatures to live in. Which is inspiration for project name “Elio Del Moss”.

Access Pool

Landscape architect creates selling point for project with access pool for the residential rooms downstairs, providing a unique experience similar to a resort stay. The privacy of the rooms can be maintained from the common area. By using the design with a shallow pool area, trees and shrubs to create a personal space for privacy screening.

The first pool at tower A, B, C and D is a long access pool with continuously long curved line like a wild river in the forest. The middle area is 1.20 meters depth which could be area for swimming. Along both side is the shallow area for relaxation and socialization if guests don’t want to swim. The free form planter boxes is used to add green area to represent “Urban Forest” concept.

The second pool at tower E, F, G and H is shorter, designed to be a river and lagoon with islets in the middle of the pool, some are elevated as a layering planter box, some are waterfalls to create a different experience. All pool shape is free form with light natural materials making the small space look spacious and pleasant to use.

Sunken Seating and Pavilion Seating

Sunken seating and pavilion seating are designed to be nodes and circulation from outside building court to access pool area then to lobby in each tower. Which their shape reminds us of the clean river rock flowing along the river. Some are small. Some are big. Some are sunken as a seating area under big trees. Some are large platform under pavilion. Some are floating walkway. All is to complement the main design story.

Access Garden

At the end of each pool is garden area for relax and enjoy in nature. The big stepping walkway is blended with softscape and still represent the clean river rock flowing along the river.
Moreover, there are other elements designed to reinforce urban forest stories, including pavilions inspired by caves and tree houses resembling viewing stand in the jungle tree, which are the charms of the old day forest lifestyle.

All used species are tropical plants and can live in light for half a day. Tall trees are used to remind the trees in forest reaching for the sunlight with the low density canopy and light color leave such as Moulmein lancewood (Homalium tomentosum (Vent) Bent.) and White chempaka (Michelia alba DC.) to avoid uncomfortable in narrow space. Lower planting is the combination between low shrub and lawn that is easy to maintain, able to create spacious and sense of safety while the high shrub such as Lady palm (Rhapis excelsa (Thunb.) Rehder) will use to provide privacy in required area.


After landscape architect proposed landscape design concept, the architect offered to develop a building façade that more closely resembled a mountain to fit the “Urban Forest” landscape concept, which became inspiration of the project name “Elio Del Moss”. Furthermore, having a long-access pool could increase value to residential rooms on the ground floor, which usually higher-floor units are more preferred.

Project information
Building : Residential condominium 8 Storey 8 buildings
Unit: 1,522 Units
Unit type: Studio, Duplex, 1 and 2 Bedroom
Project area: 21,792 square meters
Design area: 8,842 square meters

Architect: Innovative Design & Architecture Co., Ltd.

Structural Engineer: T.T.S Engineering (2004) Co., Ltd.

Mechanic & Electric Engineer: T.T.S Engineering (2004) Co., Ltd.

Contractor: 1. T.T.S Engineering (2004) Co., Ltd. (Hardscape)
2. Paya Landscape Co., Ltd. (Softscape)

Project location: 19/445 Soi Phaholyothin 34, Senanikom, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900 Thailand

Design year: 2017

Year Built: 2019


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