The existing garden on the slope of the river Havel in Berlin, which has grown over decades, appears as a lively patchwork that needs to be further developed. An artificial design language is implemented down to the last detail with different, warm materials. The natural change of the materials and the slowly developing patina are welcomed and scheduled. The special atmosphere of the place arises from the contrast between landscape, nature and modern artificiality.

The new construction of the pavilion blends in with the garden. The existing slope is intercepted by two slightly sloping in-situ concrete walls. In the opening figure of the walls, a small stone patio emerges as a transition to the main house. It becomes a lounge area in the light shade. The new pathes pivot through the garden and overcome a height difference of approx. 5 m by the sequence of stairways and small joint spaces. The pathes end at a terrace, which creates a smooth transition from the new and artificial into the old garden. A green belt with shade-perennials, grasses, ferns and bamboo frames additionally connects the two parts.

Existing materials from different eras, such as old sandstone slabs and small porphyry stones, are taken up and reused. Fruit trees are transplanted and integrated into the new design. By adding new, artificial materials with lively structures and surfaces, the garden is continued in its diversity. A rough formwork with a lively surface is specially designed for the new in-situ concrete walls. Corten steel lines lead through the garden. Shell limestone step plates of different sizes define paths and small squares. The natural change and the resulting patina are taken into account by the selection of materials and structures. Plants like wild wine on the walls and different types of bamboo support the transformation.

The result is a dense, detailed place as a modern extension of the old patchwork garden. It adds a lively atmosphere by the deliberate contrast of the artificial and the grown nature.


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