With its modern design, the Quellplatz becomes the heart of the residential housing area Hollerstauden and creates a new address in the city of Ingolstadt. The theme of water from an existing well is reflected in the design and choice of materials for the new district square. The water divides the square into three main areas. The “fast” and lively multi-generation play area to the west of the watercourse, the “slow” and quiet space on the east side, and the entrance area to the south of the stream.

To the west of the watercourse there is a multifunctional play area in a blue plastic covering. An elevated edging provides a spatial demarcation from the bordering, unused parcel of land. It also forms a clear conclusion even in the event of a later development. “River pebbles” as seating elements structure the space and create places of stay and unofficial play. The play area is supplemented with “wiggle fish”. Floating stepping stones with recesses for water flow lie in the watercourse and connect the “fast” play area with the quiet space to the east of the watercourse. The rough pavement of the eastern square “slows down”. An extensive, blue-green perennial and grass plantation creates a green border to the existing residential development. A double bench arranged freely along the stream and other benches arranged at the edge of the square become meeting points, places of communication and offer space for a quiet stay. A barrier-free and disabled-friendly path made of cut small stone fits into the paving and leads from the south, over the bridge, to the northern end of the square. The trees on the Quellplatz jump freely in polygonal “plant crystals” across the square, create space and provide shade. Gold-alder trees (Alnus incana “Aurea”) are used in the sense of the theme of water. South of the stream and the bridge, a new entrance offers a small, quiet place to rest. A planting area similar to the planting on the eastern edge of the square forms a back for the bench and an end to the street.

The modern design creates a new address and heart for the residential area and creates a strong frame for all the upcoming developments in the surrounding.


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