Heavy-Heavy Bench

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Heavy-Heavy Benches are massive, heavy-duty benches created to reflect Streetlife’s characteristic natural look. The heavy wooden beams are 15x21cm in dimension and are available in two lengths: 250 cm and 325 cm. The benches are characterised by the diagonal lines that run along their back and seats. The beams are secured on galvanised or CorTen steel cross-beam supports using the Streetlock® system. The Heavy-Heavy Bench can be executed single sided or double sided. The backrests are multifunctional and can be used as lean-supports, seating, table tops, etc. The backrests can be linked together just like the benches in order to create a longer piece.

The W-Wood® used in the Heavy-Heavy Benches is European FSC® pine made extremely durable through a process of deep treatment with a natural wax compound. The water-resistant properties of W-Wood® mean these benches are extremely long-lasting and are guaranteed to remain in top condition for the next 15 years. W-Wood® has a similar life expectancy to FSC® hardwood, but has a lower density and hardness. Just like hardwood, the polychrome honey brown will fade very gradually to a greyer tone (over a period of about 3 years).

Manufacturer name: Streetlife
Website: http://www.streetlife.nl/en/product-selector/product/heavy-heavy-benches
Designer: Streetlife
Year of the start of manufacturing: 2016


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