In order to achieve elegance while avoiding superfluousness, the architecture embraced art as the means to connect with the neighborhood. The artist Heloísa Crocco brought unique steelwork design on the panels composing the façade full of symbolism. The concept of dialogue among apparent opposites echoes through the building, inviting to explore its interfaces between ancestral and contemporary, indoor and outdoor, natural and urban.

The ground floor extends its interior into an outdoor seating area, transitioning and inviting the user to enjoy the ambience while allowing the exploration to begin. Proceeding through the staircase the user is then instantly rewarded with the main focal area. This is the place where elements meet, where nature mingles with the building. Although there are log stools, vegetation and stone surfaces, the linear and geometrical volumes remind us constantly of this duality.

One more obstacle stand, even though vast transparency is needed to achieve the desired visual relation with the outside spaces, at night those spaces turn out to be too obscured to be appreciated. With the purpose of allowing nocturnal uses proper warm color lighting is required, positioning on strategic places and contributing to the aforementioned concepts while also adjusting the mood.

Architecture offices involved in the design: Smart (Architecture)

Project Location: Porto Alegre, Brazil

Year Built: 2018


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