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2022 Hospitality / China / Built in 2021 /

The site is located in Mingshi Field, a National AAAA scenic spot, 210 kilometers from Nanling City, Guangxi Province. Boasting a landscape of karst formations and a strong local culture, it sits along the Mingshi River in the Zhuang Autonomous Region. The project is a rustic luxury resort, spanning a total of 41600 square meters. With artificial landscaping kept to a minimum, the modern architecture, cozy outdoor spaces and luxurious vacation experiences are holistically connected to the surrounding environment.

1. Landscape Spatial Layout

The site is surrounded by breathtaking landscape. We make full use of the stunning surroundings to ensure that every recreational and relaxation area can enjoy the spectacular scenic views. The varying styles of courtyards are inspired by the nearby landscapes and provide guests diverse experiences. The exquisite entry gardens create an inviting atmosphere for guests. Vertical landscaping and green roof enhance the sustainability of the architecture while also doubling as scenic spots themselves.

The elevated scenic walkway through the site reduces the impact on ground vegetation and is structured in a way in which guests can enjoy the scenery from different angles. Riverside yoga platforms, sunken waterscape seating areas and outdoor dining areas all work together to encourage outdoor activities by the river.

The sunken waterscape seating areas in the lobby offer a front-row seat to admiring the majestic mountains and landscape. The largest swimming pool has an infinity edge and a green slate bottom, fully integrating with the natural environment of the Mingshi River. The twinkle lights at the bottom of the pool simulate the reflection of a starry sky.

2. Culture and Traditions

The Zhuang ethnic culture is displayed throughout guests’ entire journey, surprising them even when they first arrive. When they enter the reception area, they are warmly greeted by Zhuang songs and dance. Then, they go through a culture room built with local construction materials, eventually making it to the hotel lobby. The entrance is decorated with traditional crops, and various Zhuang ethnic symbols are used extensively in the interior design and decoration.

3. Flood and Water Management

The project lies on the east bank of the Mingshi River. The designed elevation of the building is higher than the highest recorded flood level in the past 50 years. Native flood-tolerant plants grow along the riverside, serving as a filtration area that reduces stormwater runoff by filtering sand and gravel washed off by rain. There’s a stormwater detention pond on the west which helps alleviate the stormwater runoff before it enters the Mingshi River through filtration and sedimentation.

4. Intergration of Native Ecosystem

As a core part of our design, we integrate a variety of local plants and trees from Karst topography, showcasing our respect for the local environment. By capturing the local culture artistically, the site also preserves natural habitats and the ecosystem. Plants and animals can thrive in the ecological space between the elevated walkway and the ground.

Project location: Mingshi Resort&Villas,  Longgantun, Mingshi Village, Daxin County, Chongzuo City, Guangxi, China

Design year:2020

Year Built:2021


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