The schoolyard was a sealed stone surface without any quality of stay. The new schoolyard design divides the schoolyard into three areas: 1. Urban entry to the main entrance – pavement: tile bands with paving strips. 2. Play area Morgensonne (morning sun) – surfacing: water-bound cover. 3. Playing area Abendsonne (evening sun) – surface: playing lawn. Seating elements in the entry area invite you to linger. The play area Morgensonne scores points with climbing and motion elements. The play area Abendsonne with its play lawn as floor covering offers a strong green contrast to the tree scenery of red-leaved blood plums. The rotating play elements placed there pick up the red and blue tones of the blood plums. The new schoolyard offers varied unsealed surfaces with attractive play and recreation areas.

Name of the project: Schoolyard “Am Park”, Petange
Project location: 1e Rue de l’Église, L-4732 Pétange
Design year: 2015
Year Built: 2016


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