Teresa Moller

Jury 2018 Gardens /

Teresa Moller has been working in the field of Landscape Architecture for almost 40 years. She strongly believes in the power of simplicity. For her, a careful observation and awareness of the landscape is the key for developing social-culture projects and bringing nature accessible to people. The most important aspect of her work is to find what is on site and what is needed to bring people to experience nature.

Teresa has always marvelled at the luck she has being able to work in the wide range of landscapes that exist in Chile. In her words the variable landscapes in Chile have taught her everything as she has to often meet the extreme differences in environments from working in the desert of Northern Chile to the rain forests in Southern Chile.

In her book ‘Unveiling the Landscape’ Teresa Moller shares her works to the world. The projects displayed are unique, strong, equally beautiful and demonstrate are strong understanding of the sites pre-conditions. Private gardens and other works, Teresa brings out the best from each sites; what is often considered neglected or without much landscape values is for her the core of the project.

When we are quiet, we begin to hear what the land tells us. Of course, the most important part is to try and develop a project which can, then, help other people listen and be aware of what the landscape tells them, so that they can find who they are and what is there for them.


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