The old ruins of the Five Halds in Denmark date back to the Middle Ages and is a historical site for learning about Danish history. The Historical Playground is designed to fit into the artistic focus of the museum and the surrounding nature of the area. It makes history come alive again and engage both kids and adults. Here everyone can play the victorious knight, storm the tower and fire the catapult.

In the woods outside of Viborg, Denmark lies an area of land, in which important episodes of the history of Denmark has unfolded. It contains five stages of the Hald Manor of which one dates back to the 12th century. The site has now undergone a big renovation, telling the story of the place and its significance in history. The architect firm Erik Brandt Dam Architects was assigned the task of designing this ambitious project with a focus on nature and modern architecture. We were asked to contribute with a playground to physically engage the kids, making the museum relatable for kids while still maintaining the artistic focus.

The playground is designed in a medieval theme with classic and recognisable elements such as a big tower, a catapult and a giant wild boar. It has a dangerous vibe with a reference to battles and wild animals, we no longer see in the nature of Denmark. Here, the kids can play the victorious knight, storming the tower and using the catapult. The playground also has direct references to the five different sites and eras of the Hald Manor. And as much of the history is hard to spot in the faint ruins, it has come alive on the playground for the kids to explore and the adults to get inspired by.

Why should the playground win? The Historical Playground of The Five Halds is not just a playground. We want it to be so much more. It is a place for kids and adults to learn about the history and nature of Denmark. Here the kids will be inspired to physically engage themselves by climbing, swinging and balancing their way across the playground. With the design of the Historic playground we wanted to create a dramatic, fun and fascinating story of wild beasts, knights and historic battles. But we also want it to be artistic and beautifully designed, made with care and high level of craftsmanship.
We hope the playground will work as a landmark for the museum and attract people and add value. A place where people like to hang out and feel comfortable. And of course it is all done with sustainable materials. We consider our work unique as it expands our idea of what a playground should be and look like – while being beautifully designed in a complex construction, done with much care for details and great storytelling.

Name of the project: The Historical Playground
Project category: Public Project
Role of the entrant in the project: Playground designer and manufacturer
Other designers involved in the design of landscape (if any): Corporation with Erik Brandt Dam Architects who did the renovation of the area
Project location (For publicly accessible projects please include exact address. For Private gardens place write Country or State): The 5 Halds Museum, Ravnsbjergvej 76, Viborg 8800, Denmark
Design year: 2019
Year Built: 2019


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