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Public Landscapes / Public Landscapes / China / Built in 2016 /

China Fortune Tian Di is a new office complex located in Xuhui District of Shanghai and is known for attracting tenants focused on innovation. Through an interplay of folds and cuts, the landscape including the overall circulation and function are defined by a variety of views, texture, light and topography. Voids found in the meadow give light and space into the structure and open up as courtyards from below. This ‘built’ topographical setting showcases how nature and architecture blend and visually demonstrates how the integrated practice of landscape and architecture can convey a dramatic environmental awareness.


The site is located by the edge of a canal previously unknown to the public. The canals grey walls were replaced with a tree-lined embankment of Taxodium trees, native grasses and wildflowers with floating gardens added as a pollution deterrent. The canal now hosts a public walking path along its edge where nature reclaims its rightful place in the heart of Shanghai.

Landscape and architecture both create a sense of movement. The building’s façades are covered in vertical blades which protect the structures from the powerful Shanghai summer sun. They combine various different colors: one side is covered with pale gold aluminum and the other with ceramic in shades of green and blue, depending on the façades. This dual interplay of colors and material, depending on their location creates a sense of movement of green, blue and golden yellow hues. As a response, the landscape of native grasses and wildflowers including Yellow Tickseed (Coreopsis grandiflora), White Sweet alyssum (Lobularia maritime), Purple Coneflower (Echinacea purpurea Moench) and Chrysantemum are choreographed to be in a constant motion of seasonal colors as the landscape moves up and through the structure. The ecological role of both architecture and landscape ceases to be a separate agenda; their integration achieves an organic link that looks great.

Client: Shanghai Yihui Investment Management Co., Ltd.
Architect: Jacques Ferrier Architecture
Project location: No. 200 TianLin Road, XuHui District, Shanghai, China
Design year: 2011-2012
Year Built: 2016


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