Our vision is to create landscape environments so enchanting that it awakens in people their best feelings. This is how we believe we will create a better world. In each space that we create, we prioritize conveying emotional values that nature provides.

The office today has a team of landscape architects. We cultivate team spirit and project leadership training. We constantly research and practice innovation and design with everything and everyone. We understand that we only grow when we share knowledge. As we believe that we need to focus on our purposes and promote kind communication with all the people involved in the whole process. We always try to think simple, transforming complex challenges into something that can be produced very quickly and effectively.

The office was founded in 1988. Today we have an area of 5.000m² in the city of Rio de Janeiro – RJ, in addition to the office to the landscape architecture team. It is destined to be a plant species research center which gives us exclusive support for the building of our projects. During these years, associated offices were created in Brazil: São Paulo and Rio Grande do Sul. In addition, there have been created international associated offices in Vietnam, Cambodia and currently in Portugal. This is what provides us the possibility of international achievements beyond the entire Brazilian territory.

NAT HOUSE – 2016

In a gated neighborhood of high standard houses in the west zone of Rio de Janeiro, an extensive house was completely remodelled and we were asked to create a lovely, modern and comfortable project for the outdoor area. A wide access formed by large rectangles in travertine takes visitors through a beautiful garden until they cross the pivoting entrance door. As soon as we entered the external door, we created a sitting space on a wooden deck, that received furniture from Brazilian designers and intimate lighting landing on a lake of ornamental fishes. Two adult Myrciaria trunciflora balance the sequence of palms Ptychosperma macarthurii and Phoenix roebelenii, creating a beautiful landscape that invades the living room of the house. At the edge of the deck, we designed a bench that matches the lines on the floor which takes you to the back of the house. Next to the main door, we placed a special outdoor mirror that reproduces and gives continuity to the bamboo that embraces two fountains designed by us. In the back of the house, we have created a set of lounge spaces such as: deck with wood table, spa and swimming pool with different levels. A large seating area was designed below the water level of the pool. At this lower lounge the observer can see the water movement through a transparent glass on the side of the pool. Next to the pool, a beautiful lawn, eventually used as a soccer field, fuses with a very tropical and lush garden.

Santa Mônica House – 2016

This project is placed in a gated condominium located in the west side of Rio de Janeiro. The owners are two architects who asked for an outdoor área with a modern design that matches the architecture of the house. The entrance received a floor pattern that reports to a chessboard with grass and basalt stone paged 10x10cm. On the terrace at the intermediate level we thought of something special and intimate for the couple. We designed a bench in thin wooden slats that in sequence turns into a deck. In order to bring joy and relaxation, we added a colored armchair and a fire pit that is powered by ecological fluid. The lounge area creates an ideal environment for an evening wine. In the back area, we designed the swimming pool using straight angles to optimize space. The pool was lined with imported stone resulting in a natural lake coloration. In order to enlarge the water mirror, we created a wet deck area with chaises and drowned the edges. For the walks and steps around the pool, we repeated the basalt stone pattern giving an unified language to the whole house. The house floats over the garden with tropical species, as it is suspended by columns. Alpinias (tropical specie) that are always flowering, Philodendrons, besides an adult Jabuticabeira (delicious brasilian fruit) get into the house without ceremony. The plants can be seen from anywhere in the house, creating a feeling of in an out at the same time for the family.

SEA HOUSE – 2017

This project is located in Angra dos Reis-RJ. The office was invited to create a landscape design that would connect the house and the sea. A garden in which the client could enjoy the view and explore the full potential of the terrain. Due to the elevation of the construction, we proposed some walls lined with natural stone to divide the sloping terrain into two levels of lounges. The first level, same as the house, is a terrace with travertine flooring continuing the living room. There we created two benches made of wood and galvanized carbon steel. One of them follows the curve of the wall and the other one embraces a leafy Jabuticabeira (Myrciaria trunciflora). At sea level we created a lounge composed of two wooden decks and a swimming pool with a spa. In order to provide a better vision to the sea and create the feeling of infinite water, the pool was built high and with one drowned edge. An extensive lawn area was designed to be a recreation area and a helicopter landing. On the same level, an organic walk leads from the boat deck to the terrace stairs. Every lounge is connected with natural stone paths among grass. The tropical garden is composed of native species such as Heliconia psittacorum and Norantea brasiliensis. Also existing Coconut palms which were transplanted to be aligned with the garden concept. The idea is to create masses of plants between paths, walls and the house to reduce the visual weight of the building and create a beautiful landscape.


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