Qionglin Water Mist Nature Playground by

2023 Playgrounds and Schools / Taiwan / Built in 2022 /

The base of this case is located in Qionglin. Qionglin is a town near mountains with ecological environment. It is famous for producing high-quality rice and fruits. In the past, the famous composer Deng Yuxian was born here. At the beginning, a series of workshops were conducted and questionnaires were distributed to understand the voices of the public. As a representative park playground, the design team subtly integrated the mountain terrain into the long and narrow park landscape, and created a dreamy atmosphere with water mist facilities while reducing the temperature. Age-specific play spaces allow younger children to indulge their imaginations in the sandpit; older children can develop muscular endurance between climbing equipment. Meanwhile, the park also embraces the elderly. The fitness equipment facing the river bank allows the elderly to enjoy the beautiful river view, chat with friends and do sports at the same time. The pavement design takes into account path planning and overall visual presentation. Some use gravel pavement and some use seamless soft pavement. This park condenses the characteristics and cultural resources of Qionglin. At the same time, it also takes into account the game needs of children and the fitness needs of the elderly.

In the design concept, the circular layout is extended by water ripples, and the game space is planned by using circles of different sizes, which are connected with the existing trails and squares to form an overall age-divisional game area, which is mainly divided into three divisions:

A. Water mist natural play area: Inspired by the Zhiliao nest-shaped topography in the shallow mountain area of ​​Qionglin Township, the undulating trail topography of the ancient bamboo forest road and the atmosphere of the Guizhu forest. Considering the nature of the natural environment and the needs of the game environment for cooling in summer, water mist is used as the main axis of the game, and log parkour rope physical facilities and rope net slides are set up to symbolize the undulating terrain of the ancient bamboo forest road. Terrain, Guizhu forest is planted on the periphery, and the water mist system is used to create a game atmosphere with natural and cultural elements in the shallow mountain area of ​​Qionglin. The water element and the shallow mountain environment respond.

B. Inclusive parent-child sports game area: plan the inclusive turntable, the inclusive bird’s nest swing, the parent-child double swing and the diaper swing, provide parent-child play together, and set up facilities to maintain physical health, including double skateboards, double waist twisters, Provide daily health care for villagers.

C. Music-themed creative sandpit game area: Integrate Qionglin music elements and coexist with existing trees, plan music-themed creative sandpit games, set up music game cabins, graffiti game drawing boards and sandpit excavators and other game facilities to ensure The symbiosis of white fine sand, landscape mounds and trees creates a combination of music and natural game landscape.

A playground born surrounded by mountains and rivers

Integrate the shallow mountain topography, undulating Wenlin Ancient Road, ecology, culture, local music elements (composer Deng Yuxian), Guizhu (paper-making raw material in Zhiliaowo), water canal (water mist), natural materials, Local textures such as wild grass plants and Qionglin clouds amd mist (environmental elements) form a static and dynamic water mist game landscape.

Client: Hsinchu County Government

Design team: Lee, Wu Po-Cheng, LO, YI-LUNG, Wu Chunwei, Kao Li Hsin

Location: Qionglin Township, Hsinchu County, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


Design year: 2021

Year Completed: June 2022


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