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In August 2019, the Hsinchu County Government planned to “invest 200 million yuan in 3 years to transform 22 parks”. After 7 workshops for children and 2 workshops for experts and scholars, 7 highlight characteristic parks and 15 satellite characteristic parks were planned. All-age game travel map, play in the city, travel in the game, and create a fun park in my home as the overall vision.

The first characteristic park among the 22 parks is the natural forest playground of Xinglong Park in Zhubei City. The total area of the park is about 12,000 square meters. The improvement area of the playground is 2,800 square meters, and 77% of the green space is reserved. The playground is integrated with the park. There are trees, and 77 native trees and 13 kinds of natural wilderness native plants are newly planted to create a natural forest ecological game environment, using existing flood detention depressions and natural terrain for age division, and considering a harmonious and friendly environment, planning seven major themes. Age-specific game zones, including forest cabin sandpit game area, forest depression adventure game area, forest climbing and swing game area, forest Taishan swing game area, physical exercise area, Push Bike landscape lane game area and natural planting Area (QR-code self-guided learning), age-specific game area paving design considers earth color and natural loose fill safety pavement, using quartz sand, small gravel, wilderness native plants, permeable concrete trails and according to structural design considerations and friendly passages The seamless and safe pavement aims to create a natural forest playground in the city, where you will be embraced by big trees and natural native plants, as if you can take a vacation in nature every day.

This case is a park renovation. The base underneath the park is a flood control pond. This landscape design makes the park available for groups with different physical conditions, and integrate challenging recreational facilities with diverse natural landscapes in four seasons.  Appropriate path planning fully evaluates the accessibility and comfort of each area, aims to let children, parents, the elders and people with different abilities want to access this park. The design also takes into account the high-rise buildings next to the base. The planner makes clever use of the shadows caused by the buildings in the afternoon, so that the visual effect of the park space is open, and the temperature in the park is comfortable. The wheeled lane is designed with undulations and around the base, so that children can fully experience the sense of adventure and speed with in-line wheels, bicycles, skateboards and various wheels. A large area of turf is maintained in the center so that it can continuously collect water and provide people with a variety of leisure activities. Through inclusive design, this park embraces everyone.

landscape architecture offices: Xinyi (新翊規劃設計有限公司)

Client: Hsinchu County Government

Design team: Lee, Wu Po-Cheng, LO, YI-LUNG, Wu Chunwei, Kao Li Hsin

Location: Zhubei City, Hsinchu County, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Design year:2021

Year Completed: June 2022


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