Located 300 meters south of the intersection of Tiyu Nan Street and the South Second Ring Road in the Yuhua District of Shijiazhuang, the 100FUN CITY is the first one-stop small-sized urban resort center in Hebei, revitalizing the commercial market of Shijiazhuang city, improving the urban carrying capacity, and creating a city image highlighting its commercial value.

Inspired by the rich curves of the building, the designer presented the theme of the ocean, combining the natural ocean elements with urban fashion to create indoor and outdoor landscape spaces.

In the nighttime carnival, the streets turn into a bright milky way. Using the shape and color of coral and conch, the designer has created a themed lover square with a romantic and beautiful brilliance. Matched with the natural landscape in the morning or sunset, it exudes a romantic and charming vibe.

Reshaping the outdoor space, the designer expands and extends the experience vertically. Stepping upstairs, the visitors blend in with the night view and enjoy overlooking the wonderful world. The pavement and art installations guide the way, dividing different functional spaces gently and invisibly. Customers shuttle among them, feeling the atmosphere brought by the neon.

The outdoor terrace is half-hanging in the air, like bright lanterns containing various human stories, breaking down the unreleased emotions of the daytime into the night and continuing to welcome the arrival of a new day.

Excavating the city’s genes, the landscape design integrates architectural functions to interpret the brilliance of the galaxy, attract people to enjoy a happy shopping experience, and maximize the commercial value of the complex.

When people stand under the half-open corridor and look up at the high space overhead, the charm of the landscape pours down from a different angle. The flowing and changing starry light is the design ingenuity, like pearls and handfuls of gold swaying in the black night sky.

Architecture offices involved in the design: CallisonRTKL

Location: No. 77 Yutai Road, Yuhua District, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, China

Design year: 2020

Year Completed: 2022


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