As Binjiang Real Estate’s first family tourist destination, this project features a dynamic development model incorporating diverse industry modules. It boasts an array of amenities including the Hotel Indigo, Tianmu in66 Commercial Street, Nature Exploration Park, Gengxin Farm, Zizai Orchard, Tang-style Courtyard, and Nuanyi Community. In collaboration with Luo’s specialty brand and Looklook Farm, the project aims to cultivate six distinct lifestyle experiences: living, vacationing, family-friendly activities, entertaining, exercising, and health care. With a vision to craft a “livable oxygen-rich pastoral community” and serve as the “living room of Tianmu’s mountains and waters”, it promises a distinctive and refined vacation experience.

Inspired by the court painting “Qing Court Seasonal Activities of Twelve Months”, every element within the landscape embodies profound wisdom, adhering to the five principles of garden making: “stacked mountain, arranging waters, planting, architecture, and inscriptions”.
Embracing the essence of ancient Tang and Song dynasties, the project integrates six traditional garden elements: pavilions, terraces, towers, waterside pavilions, corridors, and bridges. Emphasis is placed on achieving elegance and simplicity amidst the bustling atmosphere, a testament to the artistry found in craftsmanship, proportion, and color.

The landscape creation process is akin to composing a symphony, painting a masterpiece, or writing a poem, transcending mere aesthetic appeal to convey a deeper realm of meaning. The town embodies both the enduring allure of Chinese tradition and the ethereal beauty of Zen aesthetics. By using traditional Chinese landscaping approaches, the designer has curated a captivating display of Chinese artistic life, offering residents a serene and transcendent living experience.

With a pavilion nestled at the heart of a serene lake and the fragrance of lotus blossoms wafting on the breeze, the landscape unfolds like a vivid narrative, evoking imagery of fish gliding through the river and blossoms adrift on the water. Echoing the natural waterscapes outside the project, vibrant spring hues infuse a sense of Eastern artistic conception, rendering a scene both simple and breathtakingly beautiful.
In creating opposite scenery, a landscape view within another landscape view generates different layers of scenery. Standing within someone else’s art, everyone becomes a part of the scenery. This is the ingenuity of garden layout, performing intriguing artistic conceptions within the changing landscape. The interplay of contrast, dominance and subordination, concealment and revelation, density and undulation, and other rhythmic landscape experiences create a harmonious balance of movement and stillness, imbuing the garden with a unique allure.

Mountains and stones are heavy, solid, and still, while waters are light, void, and dynamic. The combination of the two accentuates the stillness of the stones with the dynamic waters, and the interplay of virtual and real elements carves out the ideal and sentiment of Chinese artistic conception into a pure and beautiful soul. With a simple yet ingenious structure, it displays a “made by humans, yet like a natural creation” garden momentum, forming an infinite sense of ethereal beauty.

Artistic conception breathes life into every facet of the project, infusing each object and scene with a sense of vitality and spirituality. Whether discovering hidden pavilions nestled among woods or following winding paths to secluded courtyards, every moment embodies the essence and sophistication of classical gardens. Employing a rich palette of “typical national colors”, the landscape celebrates China’s cultural heritage, creating a space that is both visually captivating and deeply meaningful.

Utilizing approaches such as partitioning, contrasting, framing, suppressing, borrowing, leaking, mixing, and adding, the project transforms vast spaces into intimate and changing experiences. The design draws inspiration from nature but transcends it, integrating the “great joy in harmony with heaven and earth” found in nature into every scene with a natural and seamless approach.

Sentiments intertwine with scenery, meaning merges with imagery, and seclusion harmonizes with elegance, resulting in a landscape that exudes beauty, spirit, and personality. It allows visitors to experience the profound and boundless traditional culture within a modern landscape full of interest, expanding new living spaces with Chinese aesthetic values and showcasing the project’s fashionable, prestigious, and elegant temperament.

Location: Intersection of Langbai Line and Zao Line, Tianmushan Town, Lin’an, Hangzhou, China

Design year:2021

Year Completed:2024


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