Carlsbakken courtyard and rooftop terrace by

2023 Residential Project / Denmark / Built in 2021 /

Carlsbakken is a new block of apartments in Hillerød located in the north of Zealand. VEGA landskab has designed the block’s communal courtyard and rooftop terrace. The outdoor communal areas include spaces for social interaction and private relaxation. Pergolas and raised beds help divide the rooftop terrace into small niches. The combination of fixed and loose furniture, such as table and bench sets and wooden decks, makes the rooftop terrace a flexible space that can be used for quiet everyday moments as well as larger, more festive gatherings.

The planting consists of herbs, perennials, and small bushes, creating a wild and informal expression on the rooftop terrace. The centre of the courtyard consists of a lawn with a few trees, providing space for relaxation and informal gatherings. Additionally, the courtyard features a play area with two CASA VEGA playhouses, a slide, and equipment for active play. The play equipment has a simple design with subtle colors and has been chosen to complement the materials used in Carlsbakken. Along one side of the lawn, there are two seating areas where neighbours can have casual conversations over the hedge.

Location: 3400 Hillerød, Denmark

Design year: 2019

Year Completed: 2021


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