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The landscape for Rohan Mithila derives inspiration from the abstract paintings of modern masters, Wasily Kandisky and Piet Mondrian. It is a picturesque composition of intersecting and overlapping lines and planes in three dimensions that create a variety of spaces.

The outdoor facilities are an extension of the indoor living spaces. Each has a specific function and purpose, whether is it a children’s playground, a yoga deck, a swimming pool or entrance plaza. The geometric lines and planes are subtly expressed by water elements such as reflecting pools, swimming pools, water troughs and water walls; hardscape such as timber decks, stone paved plazas and courtyards, pathways, trellis and feature walls; and greenery such as open lawns, amphitheaters, avenue of trees and flower beds. Viewed in totality, more than 13 acres of landscape paint a picture of quiet elegance and sophistication, a timeless expression that will evolve and mature over time.


Environmental Sensitivity and Sustainability
Drip irrigation is employed to prevent wastage of water as strategy to create world class living spaces with minimal alteration to the environment. Rainwater harvesting and the use of fly ash for construction were made mandatory. Water recycling and sewage treatment facilities were constructed to minimise water wastage. Energy is conserved and recycled in every manner possible. For example, a biogas plant to process wet garbage to produce fertilisers were harvested for use in the lush green gardens. A mini biosphere was created to preserve the natural ecosystem of the development.

Name of the project:
Rohan Mithila

Project category:
Residential Housing

Role of the entrant in the project:
Landscape Architect

Project location:
Viman Nagar, Pune, India

Design year:

Year Built:

Entrant name:
Award category: Residential Project Residential Project

Location: India


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