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Though there are many design tactics or design style for reference, what we want to see is the smile from the heart of those people who live among it. That means we should use landscape to activate the community’s new energy and use space to keep those touching moments of life.

As a result, Andao and Longhu Group reach an interesting agreement: to make a de-stylized and young community for the community groups of all ages. After we get the case of Chunjiang City, a general idea of this human settlement comes into our mind. That is a settlement full of young and fashion styles and happy and romantic atmospheres. After several brain stormings, we make the leaf as the main element of the whole project. We will integrate the shape of leaf into the deck, sculptures, landscape walls and different signs. The whole community is full of the energy of youth and the hopes for the future. Being different from model districts whose aim is showing, the whole buildings are hoped to be presented as an artistic pattern and to take part in every detail of people’s daily life.

According to the residential buildings insolation interval analysis, we set functional nodes in the parts with abundant sunshine. It can let residents play sports and communicate in the sunny area. According to the survey and analysis of the community groups’ outdoor activities and users of different ages, we divide it into several functional areas. The interleaving of lines and points makes the landscape of the community unified. We also design a running track that runs through the whole community. This masterstroke connects other landscape architectures such as the multi-functional areas, the splash pool and the Dandelion square. It realizes the connection of the whole functions of the community and also makes the sports field more stereo. The shape of the rotary road is nature, just like a fluent song with many surprises. The details of the landscape correspond to the main idea of this design greatly. The element of leaf becomes the special road scale. Pretty and bright colors and texture extend the idea of the community in vision and emotion. When we design this space, we imagine ourselves as children, digging for sand on the ground, competing with friends on rock climbing or swinging with parents. We return the design to the life, view the problems from the angle of children, observe their perception on texture, colour and environment and walk into the life with a more lively way. The splash pool of terrazzo is a gift we send to the whole age residents. We use human made sag and swell to imitate the stream way, and original stone steps and the water diversion devices become carriers, connecting the nature and human activities. Both of human and environment can get communication and connection.

In such a community with youth, energy and communication, we still feel something missing.
Young leaves and dandelion are the most energetic things in the nature. Using the artistic installation with such elements can make up with this regret. This artistic installation is the fairies that are standing or sitting quietly with elegant dandelions. It is made of stainless steel titanium plated material. The beautiful posture and nice texture make everyone stop to see. It becomes an important place for people and community’s emotion interaction. The overhead layer as a transition region from indoor to the outdoor is divided into four topics, reading, sports, meeting and kids, by using colors. It makes up with the lack of outdoor activity space. In kids zone, the parent-child space is grouped with bright color lumps and interesting scenes. There are not only wooden horses, slides, seesaws and other children facilities, but also waiting zone for parents. Children can have the warmest childhood with accompanies of families. In sports zone, we use pure blue to design a comfortable activity space. It is convenient for residents to exercise in bad weather condition. The rest area is divided flexibly into half opening places. They can be used as an area to rest and also an area for residents to meet visitors.

The light of the community holds the three rules of lighting, guiding and beautifying. In the entrances of square space, the lighting is mainly comfortable, safe and extensive. At the same time, the light also guides the stream of people and form special visual landscapes according to the different landscape features.

The design of the whole community is not only the show of the style but the carrier of life. What a designer should do is to complete the functions in limited space, create the communication platform and let people go back to the real and pure interpersonal communication. It is the warm community, giving you a real life scene.



Entrant office name: Antao
Role of the entrant in the project: Landscape Design
Project location (State or Country): China
Design year: 2016
Year Built: 2017


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