Leisure in Jiangnan, Gemdale

In this case, the difficulty we meet is how to make a happy Pandora’s journey in the residence zone by applying the landscape practice of the Chinese classical garden and modern Oriental artistic conception, which is combined with western language. We choose the happy journey of Pandora as the topic. The landscape design contains large interactive devices with the themes like “In the clouds” and “Tree of life” and so on. We combine art and science to give people a high-quality and cozy material life and free and flexible spiritual enjoyment. We conceptualize, abstract and art up the cloud element to form the folding sculpt at the main entrance elevation. The application of fog system becomes a new transformation of the cloud. The fog with the delicate texture, white color and soft sense of touch, can fly among the red flowers and green leaves. The beauty of pines, landscape stones and Chinese tallow trees combine with the mist and cloud, forming a new blank beauty.


First of all, in the residence zone, the whole space joints are connected in series with a loop and an axis. A loop: The installation of jogging path follows the design idea of happiness to provide the residents a customized professional fit-keeping jogging path. At the same time, it plays a role on connecting the whole functional zones in series, making the whole space more complete. An axis: The main joints of the zone are connected by the middle C-axis. The entrance, Pandora canyon, the enjoyment of art and sports in the “clouds” and simple but clear forming sculpt are all dynamic but full of artistic feelings. The technical interactive device, “Tree of life”, symbolizes a thriving and prosperous life, which is located in the center of the activity zone. It is the finishing touch of the future technical life in the zone. Combining landscape and large artistic installations makes up the most realistic and beautiful Pandora scenery.

The theme children’s playing area highlights the topic of “Forest Kingdom”. The texture and the plants are distributed in an active style. All of these provide children a visual feast. Through the vivid and colorful images of leaves and the children identification wall, kids can enrich their understanding of the world during the play and laughter. The distributions of children’s playing ground and parental care area are reasonable. We also design suitable playing space for different ages of children. There is a metal sculpt of modern abstract art with high quality at the secondary entrance. It is a posture like the deer, conforming to the landscape wall element, which is cut diagonally and entirely. Every angle is the tension and art, formed by the lines. There are various hidden elements. The beveled stones and the rusty slates with a sense of industry are the abstract expressions of technical aesthetics.

Team: Qinghe Jiao, Yechen Wang
Project location: Intersection of Liyu road and Panan street, Jinhua city,China
Design year:2017
Year Built:2017


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